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Christmas Cake Decorating

Hey! I was feeling very festive today, and thought I’d share my gingerbread house and Christmas cake with you, this is more of a pictures than words post today as Christmas time is keeping me busy. 
For our gingerbread house Mr Riverside and I used Renshaw’s Christmas modelling pack to make a plethora of Christmas characters who are having a party at the gingerbread house. Mr Riverside also felt the need to make a Christmas snake who luckily didn’t make it into the pictures. 

We made a Santa, a mummy and baby penguin, snowman, polar bear, Christmas snake and still have half the pack left!

Here is my Christmas cake, I covered it in white icing and cut stars out of the offcuts, I then brushed them with water and dipped in different sprinkles. 

Round the edge I have Renshaw’s Edible Icing Ribbon – a bit of a cheat, but it looks so cute, I think we can all take advantage of cheats like this at such a busy time of year.

I’d love to see your gingerbread houses and cakes, send me a tweet @ Riversidebaking

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