Bake / Breakfast / Low Fat

Apple Glut Muffins

I took this recipe from Good Food Apple and Sultana Muffins and adapted it slightly to suit our tastes and to combat some of the feedback I read on the recipe. 
Firstly I soaked the raisins in orange juice to add extra flavour and moisture. 


 Here are my brambly apples all grated up, they made lots of juice and I put that in too. 


 I halved the sugar suggested in the recipe to 50g but added 25g of chopped walnuts to add some crunch.

I baked them as per the recipe and them came out perfectly, I freeze them so Mr Riverside has something to take to work for breakfast everyday 


I worked it out according to my adaptions and these are only 160kcal a piece, which is an added bonus.

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